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Mosaic virus leads to 80-90% crop loss. This type of virus is not always the result of infection by a single pathogen, there can be many different viruses that tend to give rise to mosaic virus and in some cases there may be multiple viruses that form a complex that produce symptoms.

So instead of looking for the symptoms to appear, why not prevent your plants from getting infected by mosaic virus?DISNIL, An Organic / Botanical / Herbal / Bio Fungicidal Product is a new innovation by Huntin Organics and has been made to solve your problems since It is a complete and true broad spectrum Organic Fungicide.

What is Mosaic Virus?

Mosaic viruses are plant viruses that cause the leaves to have a speckled appearance. Mosaic virus is not a taxon.

The virus that leads to grow infections on plants and makes the leaves look like sparkled is called mosaic virus. Viruses exist on earth since there is life on earth. A virus is nothing but a tiny organism that has a genetic code or a nucleic acid and a protein cover. It is so tiny in size as can be seen with a microscope only. Plants are affected by a number of diseases. Mosaic virus is a virus that affects vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, flowers, fruits and has its significant affect on about more than 150 different types of plants. A survey in the Indian peninsular region shows that millions of farmers got their crops destroyed by mosaic virus. The plants that got infected by mosaic virus are potatoes, gourds, okra, chili, cucumbers, muskmelons, pumpkins, tomatoes and a many more. A single pathogen can’t give rise to mosaic virus. There are cases when multiple types of viruses form it. .

This virus infects more than 150 types of plants, including many fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It is characterized by leaves mottled with yellow, white, and light and dark green spots or streaks. Some of the most commonly infected plants include tomatoes, potatoes, papaya and cucumbers. 

One good idea is to control the number of weeds that are allowed to grow near plants. This is because insects originally contract virus from weeds, so keeping the plant away from these weeds is also a good idea. Moreover, attempting to eliminate all the insects from a garden space is not effective and is nearly impossible. An insect only needs to probe a plant in order to infect that plant, so killing an insect won't prevent a virus and the infection from spreading. There is only one way to control insects and that is to use an insect repellent on a daily basis but even then, you would have to kill the insect before it sits on any plant.

Yellow Mosaic disease in Okra is one of the most devastating diseases

Once the plant gets infected, nothing can be done except removing the plant. So, in order to have a healthy garden, proper identification and prevention of the virus is the only key. Unfortunately, this type of virus is spread by insects from plant to plant with ease. The viruses are picked up by insects by simply penetrating an infected plant. Once an insect gets infected, the virus is spread quickly whenever an infected insect visits another plant. Choosing virus resistant plants is the best way to avoid plants from contracting a virus. Even if it is not possible, there are many other options.

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